Breakout Games in Orange Beach

The scene began when the door closed.

I was blindfolded, handcuffed, and uncertain – it must be Monday. Starling television static engulfed the room, prompting me to pull off my blindfold. When I got a handle on where I was supposed to look, I laughed at the ghoulish images flickering across the screen (wait, what did it say?). Apparently, we only had an hour to escape. The room was dark, illuminated by a Pixar-style lamp. My companions were wearing their feelings on their faces, ranging from terrified to excited.

It was time to play.

Escape Rooms

If you are unfamiliar with escape rooms, they are a scenario driven, physical adventure game. The objective is to use your wits to solve puzzles, discover clues, and ultimately escape.  Rooms range from one large single playing area to a series of smaller compartments as the story progresses. Experience popular scenarios like prison breaks, espionage, fantasy (yes wizards and such), and sci-fi.   

My Adventure

We chose the “kidnapped” scenario. I’m keeping this review spoiler-free so you can enjoy the same game as we did.  The room was exactly what I was hoping for: no objectives spoon fed to you, no wrong answers.

I played the role of Nosey Nellie, “whatcha got there?  What are you thinking about?” For Escape Rooms, communication is as essential as your critical thinking. There were multiple times where a set of new eyes hitting a problem was the exact thing we needed to proceed.  

The aesthetics matched the scenario without feeling unsanitary (thank goodness) which made solving puzzles and finding clues a dire situation. Our motley crew of five gave a valiant effort, tripping right at the finish line. Time ran out with only three clues left to decipher.


The Kidnapped scenario has a 30% success rate, we had three first time escape room players, but I am proud of how close we got.  It was an absolute blast, and as terribly as I want to dive into the details of this room, it would only ruin the fun of doing it yourself!  Which you absolutely should. However, I will spare you from accidentally playing on hard mode like we did. If you are in a dark room, look for the light switch. During your next beach getaway with Caribe Resort do yourself a favor, take a short trip down to the Wharf and see if you have what it takes to escape!

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