OWA in Foley, AL

OWA! It’s more than the sound PacMan makes as he gobbles up white dots – it’s a family-friendly theme park within driving distance of Caribe Resort. In Pensacola we have a small “theme park,” and I was worried OWA would be the same. I have never been this pleased to be wrong.

The Park

The rides were exhilarating! Rolling Thunder is the kind of roller coaster I would expect at Six Flags or Universal. The initial 90-degree climb is a nail-biting trial, especially as the 90-degree drop looms closer and closer. The delightful Southern Express was more of what I was expecting from OWA. Since I wasn’t in the kind of attire for swimming, I didn’t go on any of the water rides, but during the summer on the Gulf Coast, I’m sure it is a godsend. For the smaller kids, there are giant swings, Ferris wheel style rides, and a splash pad that is almost as good as ours.

The Village

Outside the park – which is accessible without having to purchase tickets – they have an Arcade and a smorgasbord of restaurants: Whalburgers, Groovy Goat, and even a Hershey’s Ice Cream parlor. The Arcade was a blast! I ended up spending my first two hours at the park, playing games and collecting tickets. Attached to the Arcade is a sports bar called the Groovy Goat. The sports aesthetics were on point with rustic wooden walls and spray painted team logos. The atmosphere is perfect for watching the big game. The pretzel with beer cheese dip was a fantastic appetizer, and the chicken strips were yummy but left a little more to be desired for the price point.

Stay Caribe

All in all, the food is good, the games are fun, and the rides are a blast. Next time you stay at Caribe Resort you need to check out OWA. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more recommendations. If you’re ready for a beach getaway, stay between now and June 13th to receive a 25% discount.